Recommended Books On Grief



Baugher, Bob and Jack Jordan.    After Suicide Loss

Baugher, Bob and Lew Cox.    Coping with Traumatic Death: Homicide

Beck, Ed. Billie.    A Love That Couldn’t Die

Bernstein, Judith, Ph. D.    When the Bough Breaks Forever After the Death of a Son  or Daughter

Biebel, David B.    If God Is So Good Why Do I Hurt So Bad

Bliss, Susan J.    We Will Be Healed (ACTA), for Healthcare Professionals

Bolton, Iris.    My Son..My Son: A Guide to Healing After Death, Loss, or Suicide

Boulden, Jim and Joan.    Saying Goodbye

Bozarth, Alla Renee.    A Journey through Grief – Gentle Specific Help to Get You  Through the Most Difficult Stages of Grieving

Bozarth, Alla Renee.    Life Is Goodbye/Life Is Hello

Bramblett, John.     When Good-bye is Forever: Learning To Live Again After The  Loss of a Child

Cacciatore-Garard, Joanne.     Dear Cheyenne: A Journey into Grief (5th Edition)

Callanan, Maggie and Patricia Kelley.    Final Gifts

Canfield, Jack.    Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul: Stories about Life, Death,  and Overcoming the Loss of a Loved One

Carlson, Trudy.    The Suicide of My Son

Chilstrom, Corinne.    Andrew, You Died Too Soon

Claussen, Cindy.     Born to Fly

Colgrove, Melba.    How to Survive the Loss of a Love

Cornils, Stanley P.    The Mouring After. How to Manage Grief Wisely

Cox, Arrington.     Aftershock: Help, Hope, and Healing in the Wake of Suicide

Crider, Tom.    Give Sorrow Words. A Father’s Passage Through Grief

Curley, Terence.    The Ministry of Consolers

Davis, Ashley Prend.    Transcending Loss

Davis, Deborah.    Empty Cradle, Broken Heart: Surviving the Death of Your Baby

Dawson, Ann.    A Season of Grief: A Comforting Companion for Difficult Days

Dingles, Molly.    Jinka Jinka Jelly Bean

Doka, Kenneth J. (Editor).    Living with Grief After Loss

Donnelly, Katherine Fair.    Recovering From the Loss of a Child

Edler, Richard.     Into the Valley and Out Again, the Story of a Father’s Journey

Evans, Susan.    Later Courtney. A Mother Says Goodbye

Ferguson, Dorothy.     When Winter Follows Spring: Surviving the Death of an Adult Child

Fine, Carla.      No Time to Say Goodbye

Fumia, Molly.    Safe Passage. Words to Help the Grieving Hold Fast and Let Go  

Gambill, Andrea (Editor).    Food for the Soul: Poetry collection for the Bereaved

Gerner, Margaret.     For Bereaved Grandparents

Grollman, Earl and Joy Johnson.     The Complete Book about Death for Kids

Guggenheim, Bill & Judy.    Hello From Heaven

Gunther, John.    Death Be Not Proud. A Memoir

Hansen, Barbara A.    Picking Up The Pieces. Healing After A Personal Loss

Hayford, Jack.    I’ll Hold You in Heaven: Healing and Hope for the Parent  Who Has Lost a Child Through Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Abortion or Early  Infant Death

Heavilin, Marilyn Willett.    Roses in December

Hewett, John H.    After Suicide 

Hickman, Martha.     Healing After Loss: Daily Meditation for Working Through Grief

Hipp, Earl.     Help for the Hard Times

Hsu, Albert Y.      Grieving a Suicide

Housden, Maria.    Hannah’s Gift: Lessons from a Life Fully Lived

Johnson, Barbara.    Mama, Get the Hammer! There’s a Fly on Papa’s Head

Johnson, Barbara.    Pack Up Your Gloomees in a Great Big Box, then Sit on the  Lid and Laugh

Johnson, Barbara.    Pain is Inevitable but Misery is Optional So, Stick a Geranium in your Hat and Be Happy

Johnson, Joy.     Keys to Helping Children Deal with Death and Grief

Johnson, Joy, and Centering Corp.    Dear Parents

Knapp, Ronald J.    Beyond Endurance: When A Child Dies

Kohn, Ingrid, Moffitt and Wilkins.     A Silent Sorrow: Pregnancy Loss  (Revised & Updated 2nd Edition)

Kolf, June Cerza.    How Can I Help? To Someone Who is Grieving

Kolf, June Cerza.    When Will I Stop Hurting?

Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth.    On Life After Death

Lafser,Christine O’Keeffe.     An Empty Cradle, a Full Heart

LaGrand, Louis       Love Lives On: Learning from the Extraordinary Encounters of the Bereaved

Larch, Cobain and Jean.     Dying to Be Free: A Healing Guide for Families After a Suicide

LesStrang, Barbara Hills.    Afterloss – A Recovery Companion for Those Who Are  Grieving

Lewis, C.S.    A Grief Observed

Lightner, Candy.    Giving Sorrow Words

Lord, Janice Harris.    No Time For Goodbyes. Coping with Sorrow, Anger and  Injustice After a Tragic Death

Manning, Doug.    Don’t Take My Grief Away – What to Do When You Lose A  Loved One

Manning, Doug.    The Power of Presence: Helping People Help People

Mastley, Scott.    Surviving a Sibling: Discovering Life After Loss

Mehren, Elizabeth.    After the Darkest Hour the Sun Will Shine Again

Miller, James.    The Art of Being a Healing Presence

Miller, William A.    When Going to Pieces Holds You Together

Mitchell, Ellen.    Beyond Tears

Mitsch, Ray.    Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love: Daily Meditations to Help You Through the Grieving Process

Munday, John with Frances Wohlenhaus-Munday.    Surviving the Death of a Child

Mundy, Michaelene.    Sad Isn’t Bad: A Good-Grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing  With Loss

Nawracaj, Sister Carol Ann.      Treasures from Heaven

Nouwen, Henri.     The Dance of Life (Ave Maria)

Nouwen, Henri.     With Open Hands (Ave Maria)

O’Connor, Nancy.    Letting Go With Love, The Grieving Process

Osgood, Judy.    Meditations for Bereaved Parents

Osmont, Kelly, Marilyn McFarlane.    Parting is not Goodbye…Coping with Grief in  Creative, Healthy Ways

Pregent, Carol.    When A Child Dies

Rando, Therese A.    How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies

Rando, Therese A.    Parental Loss of a Child

Rosof, Barbara D.    The Worst Loss. How Families Heal from the Death of a Child

Rupp, Joyce.    Praying Our Goodbyes

Sanders, Catherine M.    How to Survive the Loss of a Child

Sanders, Catherine M.    Surviving Grief…And Learning To Live Again

Schiff, Harriet Sarnoff.    The Bereaved Parent

Schoeneck, Therese.    Hope For Bereaved

Schwiebert, Pat, Chuck Deklyen.     Tear Soup (ACTA) for Families

Scrivani, Mark.    Griefjourney: Notes on Grief for Teens, Young Adults and Anyone Who Is Grieving

Sittser, Gerald L.    A Grace Disguised - How the Soul Grows Through Loss

Smith, Harold Ivan.    When a Child You Love Is Grieving (ACTA)

Smith, Rosemary.    Children of the Dome

Staudacher, Carol.      A Time to Grieve: Meditations for Healing After the Death of a Loved One

Stillwell, Elaine.    The Death of a Child: Reflections for Grieving Parents

Stillwell, Elaine.    A Forever Angel

Stillwell, Elaine.    Sweet Memories

Staudacher, Carol.    Beyond Grief. A Guide for Recovering from the Death of a  Loved One

Tatelbaum, Judy.    The Courage to Grieve – Creative Living, Recovery & Growth  Through Grief

Tengborn, Mildred.    Grief for a Season

Underwood, Donna Reutzel     Grief Works – Sudden Death

Walton, Charlie.    When There Are No Words

Weems. Ann.    Psalms of Lament

White, P. Gill.      Sibling Grief: Healing After the Death of a Sister or Brother

Williams, Robert A.    Journey Through Grief

Woelfel, Joni.     Meditations for Survivors of Suicide 

Wolfelt, Alan.    Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens

Wolterstorff, Nicholas.    Lament For A Son

Woodson, Meg.    Making it Through the Toughest Days of Grief

Wray, T. J.    Surviving the Death of a Sibling: Living Through Grief When an Adult Brother or Sister Dies