Drew and Erin's Bubble
        Al and Carol Grist, who are parents of Drew's girlfriend, Erin, have never forgotten our sons, especially Drew. As you will see from the following incident that happened only months after his death, they have a special connection.

        Carol writes: " In the fall of 1992, I wanted to smock my grandson, A.C., an outfit for Thanksgiving. After I had smocked the inset, I was going to use it in a pattern called "David" from the Martha Pullen Company. I started working on the pattern and everything was going fine until I came to the packet in the back. No matter what I tried, I could not get the instructions on the pattern to work. I thought I might be reading the instructions wrong, so I took the whole mess over to a friend who sewed and did smocking. She was able to help, but I finally had to call the company. I spoke to Kathy McMakin who went through the pattern step-by-step with me. With her helpful advice, I was able to finish the outfit. It turned out just great. At the end of our telephone conversation, Kathy apologized for the problem I had encountered with the pattern and said she would like to send me some things from her company. I told her she did not have to do that, I had just wanted help with the pattern. A few days later I received a package that had a box of Victorian paper dolls (which I loved), a package of Heirloom Sewing Needles (which I had been wanting), and some patterns. The last pattern I took out of the package was a Martha Pullen pattern called, "DREW AND ERINíS BUBBLE". To this day I am still astounded! That night I told Al about this when he came home from work. As I showed him the pattern, his mouth literally dropped open. Everyone I have told this to has reacted in a similar manner. The next fall we went to a craft fair in Danville, Kentucky, (any excuse to visit Erin at college), and I came upon a rack of smocked childrenís outfits. I naturally was drawn to them, and as I started looking through the outfits I came upon one made from the "Drew and Erinís Bubble" pattern. I pulled it out and showed it to Al. It seemed so strange that this is the only outfit I have ever seen from this pattern and that it should be in Kentucky. I do not know why I received this particular pattern, but I have to believe it was a personal link with Drew and not just a coincidence."

        This was no coincidence. What are the chances of a pattern having the two uncommon names of Drew and Erin being sent to Carol only months after Drewís death? What was the significance of the name of the pattern? My belief is that it represented the "bubble" of Drew and Erinís future being burst with his untimely death. After looking in many stores, Carol was able to find only one other "Drew and Erinís Bubble" pattern which she presented to me. Seriously, I have to look at it from time to time to really believe this entire incident happened. The affirmation it brought was music to my ears.