Volatile Candles $1/ea


6oz Mocha Candles $12/ea


6oz Strawberry Whipped Topping $12/ea


Heart Candles in Sachet w/Love Charm $7


Various Sizes and Shapes $1.50 to $2 an oz


4oz Valentine Bucket Strawberry $6 ea


Tart Warmers $1.50 per 6 pack






Flowerpot Candles


Flowerpot Candles


Flowerpot Candles



Which would you rather experience, burning Paraffin or lighting NVSoy™ candles?


NVSoy™ wax candles are the "healthy" way to illuminate your life.  NVSoy™ wax candles are 100% all natural, biodegradable and completely non-toxic.  NVSoy™ wax burns up to 50% longer than paraffin. As more and more people learn about the harmful effects of burning paraffin candles in their homes, they'll jump at the chance to use NVSoy™ wax candles in their place. That means big business for those who “see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Comparison Chart for Paraffin vs. Soy/Vegetable

Paraffin or paraffin blend candles:

NVSoy™ candles:

Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum

NVSoy™ wax is derived from vegetables

Burning paraffin wax emits harmful vapors

NVSoy™ wax is 100% non-toxic and all natural

Burning paraffin wax emits a black soot

NVSoy™ wax burns cleaner

Paraffin wax is difficult to remove from cloth

NVSoy™ wax cleans up with soap and hot water

Burning paraffin may produce carcinogens

NVSoy™ wax burns 25% - 50% longer

Paraffin candles may not burn completely

NVSoy™ wax burns completely

Paraffin must be blended with chemicals to be able to release fragrances

NVSoy™ wax releases fragrances naturally, faster and longer

Paraffin supports the oil industry

NVSoy™ wax supports the American Farmer!