Fragrance Name


Pina Colada

4 oz. Pina Colada Fragrance. Like a Tahitian Breeze, this scent features the sweet, wonderful smell of coconut and rum accented by fruity banana and a touch of vanilla.

VS™ Love Spell (Type)

4 oz. Love Spell (Type). Fresh and clean top note gives way to orange and sweet rasberry peach. (Victoria's Secret™)

Yuzu Fruit (A Staple Fragrance!)

4 oz. Yuzu Fruit Fragrance. Inspired by the fragrant yuzu fruit which is grown through out Japan, this is enhanced with notes of grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot and soft musk. This is one of our staple fragrances. You can count on it to be in stock.


4 oz. Airburst. A blast of fresh air, as clean and pure as oxygen.

Almond Creme

4 oz. Almond Creme. Sweet, candy-coated nutty vanilla almond.

Apple Berry Spice

4 oz. Apple Berry Spice. Summer berries infused with light apple and spice.

Apple Orchard

4 oz. Apple Orchard. Like a crisp, ripe apple. You'll feel like you're walking through an orchard.

Baby Powder

4 oz. Baby Powder. Cool and fresh. You can enjoy it without any crying!

Berry Cool™

4 oz. Berry Cool™. Bright infusion of sweet berries and juicy plums, infused with lush syrup accents of jam and fruit preserves. Exhilarate your senses with a splash of this mouth-watering gem.

Black Amber and Lavender.

4 oz. Black Amber and Lavender! An elegant, herbal blend that will beguile your senses. Just one breath entices you to an exotic adventure with sophisticated notes of Parisian Lavender and Musk, and earthy tones of Grass and Clary Sage.

Blackberry Sage

4 oz. Blackberry Sage. Tart blackberries with hints of sage.

Christmas Tree 3 PackSpecial

4 oz. Christmas Tree 3 Pack Special. You get 3 4 oz. bottles to get those final holiday candles made.


Cucumber Melon

(A StapleFragrance!)

4 oz. Cucumber Melon Fragrance. An unforgettably fresh combination of crisp cucumber and sweet green melon, with hints of orange and musk. This is one of our staple fragrances. You can count on it to be in stock.


4 oz. Extreme. Olfactory and symphonic bliss! Extreme weds sweet apple, peach and citrus notes with the beauty of jasmin and vanilla.

French Vanilla

(A Staple Fragrance!)

4 oz. French Vanilla Fragrance. A warm and rich aroma that fills the senses with sweet and buttery notes. This is one of our staple fragrances. You can count on it to be in stock.

Fruit Passion™

4 oz. Fruit Passion™. This blend of passionfruit and other ingredients will put you in passionfruit paradise!


4 oz. Gardenia Fragrance. Rich, diffusive and strong, this gardenia is one of our most popular fragrances.

Island Getaway™

4 oz. Island Getaway™. You'll feel like you are on holiday in the tropics.


4 oz. Meadowlark. Elegant and exquisite! This aroma "gift" blends lilac, rose, bergamot, orange, coconut and more. Better than a spring walk in a meadow.

Mocha Chino

4 oz. Mocha Chino Fragrance. Creamy milk chocolate wrapped in dark chocolate, melted with heavy whipping cream, and blended with your favorite coffee.


4 oz. Mulberry. Sweet and tart, you'll love the fruit of the mulberry.

Orange Creamsicle

4 oz. Orange Creamsicle Fragrance. A delicious duet of sweet juicy orange intermingles with rich vanilla cream. Refreshing yet soothing.

Pine Forest

4 oz. Pine Forest. Like a hike through a majestic pine forest.


4 oz. Plumeria Fragrance. A fresh, light, fruity floral composed of a sweet, green muguet, soft spicy carnation note and a powdery musk bottom.


4 oz. Pomegranate. Like a freshly sliced pomegranate, this fragrance is warm, sweet and fruity.

Pound Cake

4 oz. Pound Cake. Fresh out of the oven!

Slices of Fruit

4 oz. Slices of Fruit Fragrance. A fruity melange of sweet raspberries, peaches, strawberries, cherry, orange and grapefruit with a fresh hint of green.


4 oz. Soirée. Heady sweet vanilla accented with subtle undertones of mysterious spice and dreamy lavender. The allure of a night on the town without leaving home.

Southern Butter Pecan

4 oz. Southern Butter Pecan Fragrance. This decadent southern treat combines sweet creamy caramel with sugar and rich vanilla topped with large toasted pecans (and it's a new formula!).

Summer Breeze

4 oz. Summer Breeze. Fresh and clean, like a breezy summer day.

Water Lily Melon

4 oz. Water Lily Melon. Inspiring, fresh and clean. Top notes of fresh florals and airy ozone coupled with sweet, ripe melon. Very Tempting!

Wine & Roses ()

4 oz. Wine & Roses. You get the picture ♥ . A Valentines Day favorite.


4 oz. Fruitfest™. Succulent berries and other delicious fruits intermingle with hints of spice for a vibrant and sparkling aroma.

Holiday Forest™

4 oz. Holiday Forest™. Marvelous combination of woodsy citrus with fresh notes of lemongrass, cedar and cypress. Like a refreshing walk on a crisp winter’s day.

Holiday Homecoming™

4 oz. Holiday Homecoming™. Memories of times shared with family and friends are evoked by woodsy notes of pine, warm baked butter, sugar and spice.

Warm Berry Cider™

4 oz. Warm Berry Cider™. Fresh apples and bright berries, sprinkled with cinnamon and spice, fill your sensations with holiday cheer.

Amaretto Apple Crisp

4 oz. Amaretto Apple Crisp. A highly-pleasing aromatic dessert!


4 oz. Cabernet. Will create an intoxicating ambience.

Cinnamon & Spice

(A Staple Fragrance!)

4 oz. Cinnamon & Spice. We've updated the original with hints of nutmeg for even better memories of autumn. This is one of our staple fragrances. You can count on it to be in stock.

Gingerbread Pear

4 oz. Gingerbread Pear. Fruity, spicy and sweet, a delicious treat for your senses.

Grandma's Blueberry Cobbler

4 oz. Grandma's Blueberry Cobbler. Rich and buttery notes of blueberry, vanilla and sweet cinnamon. Just like being in Grandma’s kitchen.

Iced Cranberry

4 oz. Iced Cranberry. A refreshing burst of the holidays.

Island Breeze

4 oz. Island Breeze Fragrance. A beautiful floral, vibrantly sweet fragrance with hints of citrus accords. This fragrance will take you to your favorite Island with a sweet summer breeze.


4 oz. Jasmine Fragrance. A beautifully floral fragrance with notes of Jamine melded with a subtle rose essence.


4 oz. Lavender Fragrance: "Back by popular demand" A refreshing lavender harmonized with floral lillies, citrus, a touch of herbal eucalyptus and warmed with cedarwood and musk.


4 oz. Sandalwood Fragrance. Rich Soft wood blend of sandalwood and cedarwood.

Sweet Lemongrass

4 oz. Sweet Lemongrass Fragrance. An invigorating lemon citrus aroma envelopes and stimulates, creating a vibrant, refreshing fragrance.