Power Connections
Plug in to the Energy

Whenever I’m in a tough spot or feel overwhelmed, I say a quick prayer to my two oldest children, 21 year old Denis and 19 year old Peggy, who died in the same car accident eleven years ago. They never let me down. Instant help is on the way. I feel their presence and their strength and my heart feels a sense of peace as a burden is gently lifted off my shoulders.

It is amazing how our loved ones who have gone before us are always there to lend a hand. Whenever my family plans a big celebration, everybody gets a job to do and we always include Peggy and Denis. They are in charge of the weather. They do such a wonderful job that we get many requests from our friends to put in a good word for them. Luncheons, dinner parties, picnics, sports events, and reunions cannot take place without a word to Peggy and Denis. All get sunny skies and pleasant temperatures, but weddings are their specialty.

When my daughter Annie got married two years ago, we never doubted that we would have a beautiful day. After all, Peggy and Denis were in charge of the weather! And the balmy October day turned out to be a gloriously sunny one with 75 degree temperatures. It felt good to hear our guests all mention Peggy’s and Denis’ names, including them in our special day. It felt good to know that Peggy and Denis were an integral part of the party, having done their job well. We felt their presence with every ray of sunshine.

At her Michigan home, Peggy’s godmother hosted a large dinner party under a huge tent on her spacious grounds. Because of conflicting schedules, she was forced to plan the fund raiser for the end of September, a risky adventure because of the cool nights that race in following Labor Day. What made things worse was that a rainy season preceded the party date, making the sprawling lawns almost like swamp land. Believe it or not, twenty-four hours before, a radiantly sunny, day sapped up all the moisture and warmed the evening air, making it a very pleasant night for outdoor dining. As the guests marveled at the turn of events, many inquired how the hostess was brave enough to attempt an outside September dinner party. And she quickly retorted, "Peggy and Denis." She, too, got many requests after that for Peggy’s and Denis’ help. Do you know how good that makes her heart feel—and mine too?

Another party was planned on the patio of a swank southern Florida hotel, featuring an elegant luncheon in beautiful surroundings overlooking the gulf. A few minutes before the guests were to arrive, an ominous black cloud descended over the area. A fast prayer to Peggy and Denis to save the day was swiftly answered, as the dark cloud was ushered away replaced by sunny skies and the radiance that makes a day feel so beautiful.

Praying, or you might call it talking to my children, helps me a lot, just sharing my thoughts and concerns with them seems to unburden me. You know how we all like good listeners. Our loved ones are there and waiting for us. I can talk to them anywhere, on the grocery line, in the airplane terminal, at the drive-in bank, but I feel very close to them when I talk to them in church, especially at mass. A spiritual bonding takes place there, making the "Communion of Saints" come to life for me, a real tonic for my soul, meshing every fiber of my heart with my children. There is definitely a reaching out from above that engulfs my whole being. It gives me joy and strength to keep going and the lightness of heart to enjoy the day to day events that fill my life. In a nutshell, it gives me back a life.

Driving the car offers me another great opportunity to converse with Peggy and Denis. I don’t worry what the other drivers think when they see me crying or catch me smiling with that big silly grin on my face. This is quality time with my kids. They even outdo themselves finding parking spaces for me! Making the connection with them keeps them involved in my everyday activities. Try including your loved one in your daily routine. It gives special meaning to everything you do.

When I’m upset or worried about something, I give a quick prayer to Peggy and Denis. Maybe it’s just turning over my cares to another, but I feel a definite relief every time I plug into their energy. My friend’s elderly mother was in a fragile, agitated state in the hospital, weakened by her restless condition. The daughter quickly summoned Peggy’s and Denis’ aid for a restful night for her mom and lo and behold, the mother quieted down and refueled her strength from the serenity that enveloped her. Denis and Peggy came lovingly to the rescue!

I’m still working on the Lottery, and American Family Publishers’ Sweepstakes. Are you listening Peggy and Denis?