Elaine Stillwell's Writings

Elaine Edden Stillwell, M.S., is a former New York State Regional Coordinator and chapter leader of The Compassionate Friends of Rockville Centre, Long Island. Determined to use her own tragic circumstances to benefit others in grief, she has worked with many bereaved parents teaching those to cope with loss with the unique gifts of caring and humor. Elaine is a charter member of Bereaved Parents of the USA and a recipient of the DeWitt Clinton Masonic Award for community service.

Helping Your Heart Through Grief
(Volumes I and II)

In these two color videos, Elaine Stillwell, bereaved parent, lecturer and writer, shares ideas from her own experience with bereaved families, to cope and survive the loss of a loved one and to lead a meaningful life. Speaking to bereaved audiences throughout the United States, she uses her unique gifts of caring and humor to offer hope and peace for the heart.

Founder of The Compassionate Friends of Rockville Centre, New York, ex-chapter leader, and former NYS Regional Coordinator, Elaine gives information that will ease grieving hearts, lift some unnecessary guilt, open new roads of thought, and offer a means of communication between family members who need a tool to share what is in their hearts; good for all ages and all losses. She shares what she has learned on her grief journey, after losing her two oldest children, twenty-one year old Denis and nineteen year old Peggy, killed in a car accident in 1986.

All proceeds go to her children’s scholarship, The Peggy and Denis O’Connor Scholarship, established in their memory at the University of Dayton.

"The message is a source of inspiration and seems to lift the spirit, especially when we’re feeling down."
- Ray and Barbara Aarons, Bereaved Parents, Massapequa Park, NY, Chapter Leaders, A Time for Healing for Suicide Families

"What a wonderful method of communication for husbands and wives!"
- Therese Goodrich, Bereaved Parents of USA; and former National Executive Director of The Compassionate Friends, Park Forest, IL

"Instills hope and peace…..included in our packet for each newly bereaved family."
- Rosemary Smith, Bereaved Parent, Beattyville, KY, Fellow Travelers Support Group

"Real chicken soup for the soul, brimful of inspiration - especially for the holidays."
- Annie Albanese, C.S.W., Bereaved Daughter & Sibling, Wantagh, NY

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E. Stillwell, 60 Atkinson Road, Rockville Centre, NY, 11570.

Helping Your Heart Through Grief, Vol. I (65 min.)     19.95 plus 3.00 postage and handling

Helping Your Heart Through Grief, Vol. II (45 min.)    19.95 plus 3.00 postage and handling

Helping Your Heart Through Grief, Vol. I & II                29.95 plus 5.00 postage and handling